Fuel System Wiring Diagram

Fuel System Wiring Diagram - Programming procedure: Turn ignition switch to OFF position. Remove RADIO fuse 17 from fuse block. Cycle ignition switch from OFF to RUN three times within five seconds until the door locks and the hatch release cycle, indicating the Body Control Module is in the Programming Mode.. Reach down to the wiring harness going to the PMD and lift up on the tab and pull the plug out of the PMD. If you’re going to remove the old PMD or resistor now is the time.. Next, start or attempt to start engine. Fuel pressure should be 5 bar (72.5 psi). Once you test pressure. Recharge fuel system by cycling key or running fuel pump, note fuel pressure..

V8 two wheel drive automatic 165,000 miles. I have been having trouble with a friend's vehicle he needs for work. It had a bad fuel pump, so dropped the tank and replaced it thinking it would fix the no fuel.